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Summer workwear

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The season for shorts, sleevless tops and sandals came in, however, unfortunately most of us have to go to work instead of the beach ! Professional working woman have no shortage of decisions between the hours of 9am and 6pm, and what to wear is one of them. 

Follow some of the advices below to choose the appropriate summer workwear :


1. Show: "Veep"
Piece: Fitted, Detailed Dresses


If Selena Meyer isn’t your political spirit animal, then "Veep" help us all. But, more importantly, Selena has her fitted, detailed dress game on lock. In and with any colour, the VP opts for DC-friendly pieces that don’t succumb to the Aaron Sorkin School of Aesthetics. ("The West Wing" was many things, but being on-point in terms of style was not one of them.) Fortunately, "Veep" costume designer Ernesto Martinez recently suggested designers to look to for that Meyer look: Diane Von Furstenberg, Elie Tahari, Theory, Helmut Lang, Michael Kors and Kate Spade.


2. Show: "Mad Men"
Piece: Bright, Vintage-Inspired Prints


As proven by everything we see on "Mad Men," office clothes can be amazing. Fortunately, with the show currently set in 1969, we’re only going to see more of the era defined by bright prints – much like currently with collections by Stella Jean andOscar de la Renta. But the best part? You can just head to a thrift or second-hand store and score actual vintage blouses for less than $10. There’s a little Joan in all of us.


3. Show: "Law & Order: SVU"
Piece: Leather Bomber


Okay, fine – this piece only really applies to anyone who won’t be experiencing summer’s wrath over the next few weeks. But on cooler days (or in the fall/winter), enter, this: the influence of Olivia Benson, who may as well give us tutorials on how to pull off a leather bomber. Fortunately, Maiyet is on the same page for this upcoming season, proving there is room for leather in the office, even if you’re only @-replying Mariska Hargitay all day, hoping she will befriend you. (Or, you know, staying warm while the office blasts the A/C.)


4. Show: "The Mindy Project"
Piece: Sequins


It’s probably wise to try and wear everything you see Mindy Kaling in since she’s proof that peplum, skirts, prints, brights, and hardware work together in a big way. But if we must focus on one, use Mindy’s appreciation of sequins and sparkles to add something to an otherwise uniform ensemble. As evidenced by everything from herJuicy Couture cardigan to her custom sequined skirt, we need not fear mixing and matching. (And on that note, check out the Tumblr dedicated to "The Mindy Project" style.)


5. Show: "Parks and Recreation"
Piece: Blazer


Since Liz Lemon has hung up her "30 Rock" blazer, it’s only fitting the torch be passed to "Parks and Recreation’s" Leslie Knope, doer of good and achiever of goals. However, while Jezebel recently tallied the amount she spends on her pieces by Elie Tahari and Theysken’s Theory, their findings also showed just how much you could pair a blazer with. The days of plain button-ups are over – stack up on anchor sweaters and print blouses.


6. Show: "Masters of Sex"
Piece: Pencil Skirt


While "Masters of Sex" costume designer Ane Crabtree had custom-made underwear designed for the cast, you can rest easy knowing that pencil skirts of 2014 don’t call for anything similar. That said, pencil skirts by Prabal Gurung this summer look like they walked right out of Virginia Johnson’s wardrobe – albeit a little looser-fitting (thank goodness).


7. Show: "New Girl"
Piece: A-Line Dresses


If there’s one thing we can say about "New Girl’s" Jessica Day, it’s that she knows how to wear an A-line dress. (Or more specifically, that she owns many, wears them to work, and never wears the same one twice.) Fortunately for everyone involved, Zooey Deschanel actually designed a line of Day-like dresses for Tommy Hilfiger this summer (which makes emulating her vibe a little easier), and fans have taken to the Internet to chart every piece seen on "New Girl" so you can acquire them too.


8. Show: "Scandal"
Piece: Interesting Collars


True, “interesting collars” is hardly one piece, but its trait will change every item you own (as showcased by Olivia Pope’s refusal to wear just a standard button-up). We said it ourselves earlier this year, but unique, not-so-average collars serve to add a little more interest to a “typical” office vibe – as proven by everything from herAlexander McQueen military jacket to her Armani blazer.


9. Show: "House of Cards"
Piece: Peplum


Here’s a newsflash: thanks to the out-for-blood wardrobe of "House of Cards’" Claire Underwood (and yes, we absolutely do mean that as a compliment), peplum has lost its token “girly” vibe – which is great if that’s not the vibe you want. However, whether you wear it like Claire, or more feminine like Jason Wu’s dress, it’s a good way to create shape while threatening to destroy the reputation of somebody in Washington you don’t like. (Not that we're admitting to anything.)


10. Show: "Girls"
Piece: Embellished Sweater


While Hannah Horvath certainly brings her own distinctive style to every episode (we will defend her mesh top forever), it was actually the cameo of Jenna Lyons (of J.Crew) this past season that served as an excellent reminder that a simple sweater and blouse is great go-to office wear – particularly when embellished. Fortunately, statement sweaters made their mark on the Summer 2014 landscape in collections by Phillip Lim and Valentino. (So run to department and chain stores and pick up their less designer-y priced equivalents.)